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This tool has been used on quite a few devices already. It might be useful to use it on TETRA devices with a very slow GPS cycle time (ie. less than 30 seconds). Contents Known issues With this tool, the GPS cycle time and the current time will be set accordingly. You will not be able to reverse the process. It will also not work if you have set the GPS cycle time to zero in the configuration file. Because the location of the satellites is stored in the radio, when using this tool the station ID is changed. So if you change the station ID with a different station, you might want to use another radio, since it is not easy to do without this tool. The standard error message are the same for this tool as for the tool echosim. When you open this tool for the first time, the default setting is enabled. So you won't be able to configure the GPS cycle time anymore. Description This tool is a CPStools tool with the additional functionalities mentioned below. The GPS cycle time is the time between updates of the location of the satellites. This is the time used to update the location of the satellites on the satellites' receivers. If a satellite transmits a new location, it is updated every GPS cycle time seconds. This tool is useful for updating the GPS cycle time setting on a legacy TETRA radio. It updates the value used to calculate the actual cycle time on the radio. Configuration file To use this tool, you will have to save a new configuration file. To do so, open a command window and run the following command: CPS Light.cfg Press CTRL+S to save the file and close the command window. With this tool, the following commands are available: Tool Function Time logg Enable logging After pressing the button, the message "Tool started" will be displayed. flt Gps cycle time Command used to configure the GPS cycle time. Example: flt=200 wpm Example: wpm=200 flt= Example: flt=0 wpm=



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Cps Download Motorola

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